CFP – A Transgender and Gender Expansive Muslim Anthology

Image Illustration by Syeda Mahbub (

Buraq is an upcoming transgender and gender-expansive Muslim anthology. We write this call and beckoning to trans & gender expansive/TGE (includes non-binary, gender nonconforming & intersex) Muslim folks with urgency and excitement – we are here to stay. We must now tell and archive our own stories, so that our younger siblings and kinfolk who are Muslim & Gender Expansive, know that they, too, have a lineage: a heritage, messy and nuanced, but here nonetheless, in this journey called life. We must not only cultivate and shape our own lived experiences and politics to ground ourselves, but to also feel rejoiced and affirmed in our full selves.

As anti-trans violence continues to destroy our survival, especially Black Trans lives, it is time to shift from tragedy to transformation. Trans & Gender Expansive (TGE) Muslims, especially Black Trans Muslims, deserve a world of safety, support, and love—but we can only build what we can dream. That’s why we are inviting TGE Muslim writers from our community to imagine free & self-determined trans futures. Dream with us through the process of actualizing this anthology, and to fight for a world where trans Muslim people can thrive. Please join us by adding your voice to this collection, Buraq, an Anthology of Trans and Gender-Expansive Muslim Works.

The deadline for submission is March 31, 2021. 

Submissions can be in the form of long-form essays, short stories, poetry, interviews, photographs and illustrations. We invite submissions addressing, but not limited to, the following subjects: 

  • Relationships (friendships, family, transitioning with partners, non-monogamy, heartbreak)
  • Spirituality/Religion
  • Coming Out (again and again)
  • Race and Anti-Blackness
  • Islamophobia
  • Mental Health & Emotions (Depression, Grief, Anger)
  • Sex (gender roles, consent, hooking up, play parties, STIs, PREP, sex work)
  • Our bodies (hormones, surgery, health, fitness, packing, binding, self-love, the voice)
  • Workplace & Professional Issues
  • Medical Industrial Complex
  • Violence (sexual, intimate partner, state-sanctioned, childhood abuse)
  • Public bathrooms (horror stories, maps or stories about your ideal public bathroom)
  • Transformative Justice
  • The State (incarceration, education)

***Anonymous (Not everyone our community wants to or has the ability to come out and be visible in the same way. This space is open to those submissions which shall remain nameless. There is space in this collection for your stories, too. 

For more information see:

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